What We Offer.

Here are some of the activities the RICH Foundation will offer to bereaved Children and Families

A space to be creative (for children this will allow them to do some or all of the following)

  • Understand
  • Discover
  • Treasure
  • Remember
  • Tell Stories
  • Say Goodbye
  • Feel Happier
  • Revisit a favourite place they shared with their loved one
  • Name a STAR after a loved one with the official Star Registry
  • A gift on Birthdays
  • A special experience for either a Child or Family on or around the anniversary of their loved ones death
  • A Winter Wonderland Christmas Experience with everyone involved with the RICH Foundation
  • If needed or requested, professional bereavement counselling

The Foundation will provide advice and support to all Family members so they are aware of all the help available to them following a death of a loved one

Families can also request our help to assist them in applying for things such as;

  • Help with Finances/Form Filling
  • Finding out exactly what is available?
  • Funeral expenses
  • Professional support

In the Future, the Foundation is hoping to assist Families through a grants scheme which will be able to help with the following

  • School equipment/Trips
  • Swimming Lessons
  • Music Lessons
  • After school activities


Offer Families a break with all Travel Costs included and money towards Food/Drink and Activities in our of our own Holiday Homes

If you know a child or a Family that could benefit from any of the activities provided by the RICH Foundation, email Kayleigh directly info@richfoundation.co.uk or please call 07908 075762

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