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The Foundation will honour the memory of Rich Pepper, along with many others we meet along the way...

The purpose of the Foundation is to offer children and families the help, support and assistance the Family of Rich Pepper never received. Like so many other grieving families, they were not financially supported as there is no existence of a Grieving Payment in the UK. Asking Family and Friends to help them get by and returning to work were there only options...

“As a family you need time to reflect on the impact your loved ones death has had on you”

Sharing memories, talking about the person you have lost and looking back at old photographs are the most comforting ‘Social Activities’ you can do in grief In the early stages after losing someone, it isn’t always professional help or bereavement counselling that is needed nor wanted. Time alone and time with your family is vital at this point.

“The idea of families having the space to share memories of their lives with their loved ones would also give them an opportunity to create new ones”


  • Out to families in need of support after losing a loved one
  • Out and offer support to bereaved children after the loss of a parent
  • Out to other organisations we feel can help the Foundation build on our resources and training to ensure we offer excellent care with everyone we work with
  • Out to other organisations we feel could help the families we are supporting further. This can be our recommendation or individual request This also includes professional bereavement counselling


We want to inspire others that are grieving in activities/tasks they do every day by;

  • Smiling without feeling guilty
  • Sharing memories
  • Talking about their loss with anyone they have a conversation with
  • Accepting what has happened and asking for support
  • Leaning on family members, it really is okay to cry
  • Carrying the memory of their loved ones in everything they do
  • Asking us to listen, we want to support you

Most of all, The Foundation aims to inspire families to believe in each other, In death, Love really does conquer all...


  • Really get to know the people we support, as a Family but most importantly as individuals. Every need is different, as is their grief
  • Understand individual circumstances
  • Build relationships within families to earn their trust
  • Show compassion and communicate effectively so that each need is met with care and consideration

In return all of the above will allow us to offer more support


  • Understand and act upon personal individual needs
  • Help each individual ‘come to terms’ with what they are going through
  • Help each family try and repair and rebuild after the loss of a loved one
  • Support each family and help them support each other by listening, offering advice, offering ‘social activities’ and acknowledging personal requests

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